Placement Papers: Interview Accenture Pattern Interview 2007

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  1. Aptitude test
  2. GD
  3. HR interview
  4. Final interview

Accenture Paper Pattern

Aptitude test is easy. ________ comprises of general English. Including prepositions, articles, venn diagrams, 2 comprehension passages (1 is a bit tough n other one is easy) and essay writing. Our topic 4 essay was “IF I WERE THE PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA” we were given just 5 minutes to write the essay … So u have to be very fast. Word length is minimum 100 words for essay. About 1000 students appeared 4 d apptitude test out of which about 400 cleared.

Next was group discussion. We had a group of 15 students. Out of which 4 got selected. It is basically an ellimination round. Out of 15 students. Accenture hardly choose 2 − 4 students. Make sure that u r audible n clear on your point. My topic was “WHICH IS BETTER COCA COLA OR PEPSI?” other topics were “SHOULD COLD DRINKS BE BANNED” “SHOULD CAPITAL PUNISHMENT BE DERE OR NOT”

my personal suggessions: if u have a solid point in ur mind________ just without think in initiate the GD. After that even if u don՚t say anything thru out d gd. Still u will get selected. Coz this shows our leadership skills. Or. If u couldn՚t initiate. Then in between give a valid point related 2 d topic. n make sure our point is considered, u r audible n clear. Coz it՚s tough to b audible in gp of 15. So better be loud n confident. If GD is becoming a fish market. Try to calm every one. But also make sure u r giving a valid point after dat. Just speaking any thing won՚t work. u must give a point dats valid

Next were interviews________ both d interviews were conducted side by side. Sum got d chance 2 appear 4HR and some 4 final interview. Which is basically technical but actually u cannot say anything … Coz my both d interviews were mixture of both technical n HR!

HR Interview

  1. tell us sumthin about your self?
  2. y do u wanna join accenture?
  3. what can u give to accenture?
  4. any problem if we relocate u?
  5. f we locate u to Chennai? any problem?
  6. u from CSE? i said yes________
  7. than they asked me … What is inheritance?
  8. give example?
  9. write program of inheritance?
  10. they just check our confidence n speaking skills________ even if u don՚t know program … Just b confident and write what ever u know … i wrote a correct program. But it was too simple!
  11. sum students were asked questions like … Ur favorite subject. n den they ask u questions related to that no matter u re mechanical engineer, chemical engineer, electronics engineer … They have questions 4 every one
  12. ur fav subject in 12th ? some questions like describe faraday՚s laws, newtons laws were asked.
  13. draw diagram of microprocessor?
  14. one frnd f mine said her fav subject in 12th was chemistry ________
  15. she ws asked Ca + H2SO4 = ?
  16. next was final interview________
  17. they asked me my introduction.
  18. would u have any problem if we relocate u?
  19. what are data structures?
  20. what is a variable?
  21. What is linked list?
  22. den i had done oracle 9i, so they asked me questions related to dat.
  23. what is index?
  24. what is inner join?
  25. i was asked to write 2 queries. One simple select, other of joins!
  26. were do u see urself after 5 years?

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