Placement Papers: Aditi Critical Reasoning

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Three Questions were given I don՚t remember the exact questions. So I would like to only mention the type of questions, which I had.

  1. There were 3 cities namely A, B, C (California) . Distance to each and the expense for taking each route was given. Costs were given in terms of dollars and cents (Relation b/w dollars and cents should be known. 100cents = 1 $) . Four Questions based on this was asked such as which is the shortest route, less expensive etc.
  2. There is a big University and a small college beside. Professors from University were M Senior Prof for Mathematics, J HOD of English Dept, L who knows Urdu and Professors from college were N who knows English well, D HOD of Latin Dept, and Y Senior Prof for Mathematics. There was a function to be conducted together by both the colleges and hence some conditions like Two Professors from the University has to be chosen. There cannot be Professors related to the same stream. Team should consist of three members. Four Questions based on the above part was given.
  3. Six children are selected for the chorus line in the school play: Andrea, Beatrice, Consuelo, Denise, Eve, and Florence. There are six positions in the line; numbered 1 to 6 from left to right. The order of the children in the chorus line is determined by the following rules: Florence cannot stand in position number 6 Denise must stand immediately to the right of Consuelo Andrea cannot stand next to Beatrice Four Questions were based on their arrangements.
  4. Some Questions similar to this but not exact
    1. If all G՚s are L՚s, No K՚s are M՚s. And questions on above conditions (Refer to Barron՚s 15th edition)
    2. 2 groups Red and Brown, Marriage is not allowed in the same group. Similar to this

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