Placement Papers: Abode Paper 2001

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went through the Adobe process some months back for a dev position (I have 3 + yrs of exp.) . They have a written test day followed by (if you cleared the tests!) a interview day.

Tests are fairly easy hey I sailed through them! Typical quantitative, problem solving (puzzles) , coding. Some areas to brush up on for the tests:

  • C pointers (goes without saying!)
  • Searching (bsearch)
  • Binary trees and in-order, pre-order etc.
  • Recursion (a C test of some standing without recursion? Nah.)
  • Automata/state machines
  • General C concepts-diff between macro and inline fn. Diff between static, local, dynamic vars etc. Tests last for 2 − 3 hours but are not very intensive (if you՚ve taken the JEE you՚ll know what intensive is) . Interview day is. Intensive! My suggestion is. No matter how much you՚ve worked on C/C ++ and low-level algo stuff-don՚t go into the interview day without 4 − 5 days of solid revision of core concepts. I had to go through 4 tech and 1 hr interview. you՚ll either be asked ⚹ very ⚹ deep technology or no technology (only puzzles that is) ? no general probing tech questions here. Tech areas that were covered:
  • C + ± inheritance, polymorphism-VPTR/VTBL questions, operator overloading, templates
  • Linked lists and trees! Lots about this
  • Find general algos for list questions etc
  • Deeper areas like compression algos, algo complexity

Tech questions to puzzles split was 40: 60. That is mostly puzzles but this is upto you-you might be asked which you want. If you՚re confident about knowing tech inside out go for tech questions easier to prove yourself. Puzzles have a luck component.

Great place to work btw very cool plush office. Lots of smart people.

So how did I fare? Do I work for Adobe now? that՚s the mystery

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