Placement Papers: Abode Paper 2006

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The test predominantly consists of algorithm questions and a lot of questions on trees.

Some questions are:

C test:

  • linked list using recursion.
  • Find if a number is divisible my 3, without using % , /or ⚹ . You can use atoi () .
  • 2 integers A and B are given, find the no of bits that need to be flipped in A to get B (xor a and b and count the number of bits) .
  • Write a Rotate function for rotating elements in an array, using a reverse function.
  • Given 2 sorted arrays A and B with duplicate elements, get C = A-B and does not have duplicates (use a variation of merging 2 arrays and then remove the duplicates.)
  • Some routines to swap int pointers.
  • Subtraction of 2 base 13 numbers.
  • Min and max nodes of a quad tree.
  • Prove that in a tree no of internal nodes is one less than leaves.
  • A couple of boolean logic proofs
  • Code to see if a binary tree is a BST or not.
  • Switch case program out put Engineering test: Most of it had algorithms (no code)
  • Given an array with some repeating numbers. Like 12, 6, 5,12, 6 output: 12, 12, 6,6, 5 12 shud come before 6 since it is earlier in list. So cant use a dictionary.
  • Implement a dictionary manually with a lil overhead.
  • finding nth element from end in a list
  • inserting an element into a sorted linked list.

In the anal part many questions were based on the rule that square root of 25 is + 5/-5. Not just 5. Similarly for 1.

Geometry the questions were a lil bit tricky, but they are few that u can ignore them.

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