Placement Papers: Paper Alcatel Placement Paper Pattern

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Alcatel test on 29th of sep. At Gurgaon office. The pattern was as follows-

  1. c: 10 marks for 10 questions. Very basic we have to write output of programs. So do practice basic programs.
  2. c ++ : 10 marks for 10 questions. Inheritance, recursion and arrays are covered. Again basic questions
  3. apti: 20 marks for 20 questions. All verbal reasoning, very easy.

The main problem was time which was 45 min. u must be to fast. Cut off is 50 % in each section. They said that we will call u if u got selected. One of my friend has gone through selection process at ALCATEL Gurgaon for fresher post. This is all about the pattern he told me.

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