Placement Papers: Alumnus Paper 2007

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Sample Test paper

  1. Find the locus of the point whose sum of distance from 2 fixed points is constant.
  2. [-infinity to + infinity] integration (exp (-x ⚹ x) )
  3. The product of any 3 consecutive nos is always divisible by _? options [/]
  4. If we want to connect two systems to form a network which leyer (OSI) is of most interest to us? Ans. Physical layer.
  5. How can you include a library code written in C ++ in a source code written in C (Options are there) ? Ans. Some cross-linked platform (compiler) is required for this.
  6. int a [20] i for (i = 0; i < 20; i ++) {a [i] = i;} for (i = 0; i < 20; i ++) {a [i] = a [20 − i] } What is the final content of the program.
  7. Which data structure should be used for searching an element in an array in constant time in case of average case? Ans. Hash table (not sure)
  8. One question on ISO OSI model. Easy one (not remembered)
  9. Another question abt. a protocol Ans. Token/Ring

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