Placement Papers: Amdocs Paper 2010

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Amdocs test has 2 sections

  1. Aptitude consist of 4 sections n consisted of diagrammatic reasoning n non verbal stuff
  2. Technical test consisted of 4 sections each of pseudocode, c, unix n sql all tests r computer based The tests were:
    1. Analytical reasoning: Maths
    2. diagrammatic reasoning: In this, we were given 8 diagrams and had to select the9th corresponding dg from the given choices. U have to be very fast in this test.
    3. problems to be solved using Venn diagrams.
    4. This test was to check our adaptation to the computer screen. We had to solve abt 30 qs in 15 min. U have to be very very fast in this also.
    5. In this test we were given a booklet of about 7 − 8 pgs in which there was the syntax of some hypothetical language (its syntax was somewhat like Visual Basic) , This was very easy since the whole syntax was given & u can refer to it. We were given almost 90 − 120mins for this test. If u want u can rd the booklet before the start of the test. The question consisted of programs for which u have to find the o/p or where there is wrong syntax etc.
    6. C test: Study pointers very well. Visit C For Swimmers, C Puzzles, FREE C/C ++ Code, A1CCode, C Code Snippets, Interview Questions on C/C ++ , Lab programs, C/C ++ FAQ that helps you to test the C/C ++ programming strengths. It also consists of qs on args of main function, i.e.. . , argc and argv
    7. SQL test: It consisted of sql queries mainly inner join, outer join, group by statements etc.
    8. Unix test: Kernel, 1 − 2 qs on TCP/IP, basic commands (more on commands)

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