Placement Papers: Amdocs Placement Paper 2000

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hi friends

here is the model of the test paper of amdocs. It may not give a clear picture but it helps. There was just an aptitide cum language test and an interview ____believe no-great-shakes at all. Well, the test was not written, but online… With 5 tests

each timed, here are the type of questions:

The first one was about 36 questions-20 mins:

There were different symbols and various inputs and outputs across the symbols & analyzing the input & output, we have to figure out what each symbol does. There would be a set of 4 questions based on these



LMN → XY → || PQRS____>@ → $→ PQSRR || | → LNM | → XYY

Like in the above figure (crude attempt!), @

interchanges the last 2 letters & $repeats the last

letter____generally it involved 2 more symbols.

There would be 4 questions like:

  1. DFS____>@ → @ → $→ 4 different ouputs would be given to select

  2. ASDH____>ASHDD

Different symbol sequences are given & the correct alternative that produces the output obviously had to be selected.

The next set of 4 questions had different interpretation for the symbols.

The second also an analytical test, 36 questions-20 mins:

Different symbols that represented filters were given & their functioning if they worked & if they didn't were also given, we had to study them & then proceed with the test. The filters description were always present on the screen… So we didn't have to memorize anything. There were some 8 − 10 different filters, I think____like Filter A would filter out orange & yellow colours if functioning well or allow all colours to pass if it is erroneous.

The questions had an input & 4 filters & final

output____one of the filters is not functioning well.

we had to find which was the faulty filter.

The third test was also 36 questions-20mins

Here, there is an input which goes through a flowchart (thus involving process, decision making) & we had to determine the output. The input may be a big or small, round or square and red or yellow figure… Thus there could be 8 different inputs… One of these were sent through a series of steps wherein (say) … The shape & colour is changed, then the intermediate output is

compared with a given state. If it matches, it goes through a set of steps… If not a different____after a few number of such processes & decisions, the output had to be selected & all the 8 different outputs were given as choice.

The 4th test was for 9 mins-60 questions… This was the easiest of the lot____it was basically just comparing the given string of characters with differnt options to find the exact match. Eg (FY% o)

  1. (FY% o)

  2. (FY%o)

  3. (FY% O)

  4. (FY$o)

Finally, the language test where they gave 1 and a ½ hour to study a language & answer the questions (20) … The language is similar to C & Pascal____very simple (no pointers) … Questions with lines of code missing & determine the missing line of the given options… Easy ones based on fibonacci & the like: