Placement Papers: Amdocs Placement Paper 2008

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  1. All fat people are not dancers, food loving people are all fat. Find the contradictory statement?
  2. The day before yesterday was WEDNESDAY then the day after 2morrow is?
  3. A goes to the party if B goes, B goes to the party if C goes C goes to the party if D goes, Totally how many will go to the party?
  4. Mary՚s father՚s brother is Andrews Andrews daughter՚s son is Sunil Brothers name is Sam Who is Sam to Sunil?
  5. int a, b; main () {scanf ( “________” &first, &b) } ; if … {printf ( “Print first” ) ; else Printf ( “…” ) ; endif}
    1. Wat will come in the 9 dash?
    2. Wat will happen if we replace Print A as Print X?
    3. Wat will come in the 3 dash?
    4. Wat will happen if we interchange 4 and 7?
    5. Wat will come in the 4 dash?
  6. The syntax of command statement in UNIX
  7. If the permission for a file is 000, then the file can be accessed by whom?
  8. Where we can run two same programs on a UNIX console at the same time?
  9. Which is the Shell of UNIX?
  10. Wat is the number of the masked code ee@?
  11. We are UPDATING a field in SQL and ALTER the row also. After giving the COMMIT command the system is crashed. Wat will happen to the commands given, whether it will UPDATE and ALTER the table r not?
  12. If we r terminated at the middle of the program execution in UNIX, wat will happen to the program, it will continue running r terminate r the o/p will be send to ur mail?
  13. How will add additional conditions in SQL?
  14. How will u print TATA alone from TATA POWER using string copy and concate commands in C?
  15. If switch (n) case 1: Printf ( “CASE!” ) ; case (2) : Printf ( “default” ) break; Wat will be printed?
  16. How will u divide two numbers in a MACRO?

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