Placement Papers: Aricent Fresher Job Interview Placement Pattern on 15th December 2008

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Company Name: Aricent

Type: Fresher, Job Interview

Aricent campus placement for non-communication branch freshers in IITR 3sections first one based on numerical ability 30 question in 30 mints (little bit difficult) mixed problems of apptitude and reasoning.

Second section 20 qtns in 20mints (dead easy) logical questioning ⚹ means-, + means ⚹ types of applicaton nearly 10 qtns 5 macth the figures 5 based on one passage of purchaging and gifts based.

Third section on data structure and C 30 qtns in 40 mints who r fallow YK book can do easily Each sections issue individually and collect after with in time. Then shortlist candidate had three rounds first write one email Here topic is “Most memorable thing in ur life” second GD third tech. Interview (nearly 40 mints each one)

Select based upon three sections.

Exam/Interview Date: 15-Dec-2008

No of Rounds: Screeing Test

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