Placement Papers: Aricent Interview

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panel was very cool. Doing everything themselves. Very down to earth.

I was first for interview. The person who was taking interview come outside n escorted me to the interview table. I wished him. He asked me to give an introduction of myself. Meanwhile he was seeing mine profile … From up to down. For that I was ready n u may say it ws my luck________I had a lot of certificate to show.

He was very much impressed. He asked me about my different subject from first semester. Frankly speaking I was frightened. I couldn՚t tell him. Who remember________what is chemstry and mechanics.

But suddenly he stopped asking all that. He asked me the difference between unix n linux. I screwed up________

After that he asked me about mine favorate subject________i told computers networks.

He asked what it is________I defined …

He told me to draw a network … I draw an hybrid one________he asked me about token ring. I answered satifatorily … Then he came to different layers … Asked different function of all. Then why TCP/IP. What it is … If not then what. I answered satisfactorily …

After that he asked me to write a program of factorial that compile in first go without any warning or error. I did with for loop. He then asked me to write with recursion________I did.

Consider all condition of negative and positive. Never skip up any condition …

After that he came to operating system and asked about interrupt … Described it to his satisfaction including all taking from interruption handling n mode switch n context switch.

Completed________tech. I was relaxing. Suddenly one member came from came n asked me to follow him. I did.

After going into the room, he told me that he will talk more on programming … At that time I was really scared bcoz I was expecting hr. He gave me a program to write.

Conditin was as follows________

U have to take one number from user of integer type. It is of 32 bit and u have to count the number of 1 and 0 in it. I did it________it was a good program … n u can՚t do it without practice. So if u want to get into it. Practice programming on paper not directly on moniter … Bcoz writing code on paper is really tough.

After that he asked me question on unix … a senario created that make me laugh today itself.

He asked me that u don՚t know unix n want to learn it________what u will do it?

I told that first of all i will purchase a book n try to read it. If find any difficulty then consult to faculty then to my senior. He told me that let u don՚t have any of this thing then what u will do? I told that I will use my internet. Will go to google and type unix tutorial … He starts to smile. Then he asked me that do u know what a ‘MAN’ is?

I replied the appropriate answer________that it is a command to know about a particular command. He told me that can՚t u use it. That time I told him that … Sir u told that u don՚t know unix … Then how I will able to use it … n my comp may not have unix install in it … He started to laugh … He was impressed …

Then he asked me about________networking (tcp/udp/ip) , message passing in operating system … Mine second round of tech was superb.

Then after 3 hours I was called for HR________asked me about mine background and mine family background … It was 4th company in my campus … He asked me about any offer from other company. I told him that I m sitting for campus interview for the first time. I didn՚t appear for any other company. He was shocked … He asked reason. I repeated the same lines what he had told in the ppt 2 days before campus.

Then he asked how u can take such a risk to leave all other company. I told that I was a bit confident that I will get through this exam. Then he told me that u r not … u have done so bad in ur tech. Now what u will do next. I told that after result declaration I will get feebback from u and after improving myself on certain areas I will apply for off campus if not selected from this campus … He was very much satisfied________then he asked me about mine preferable location to work bcoz I had left that column blank in the form what they had given. I told that as Gurgaon, Chnnei and Bangalore all r new to me. I don՚t mind working anywhere as I have to explore any of these cities.

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