Placement Papers: Aricent Pattern Interview 2007

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National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur. Today I m going to share with u mine experience of Aricent campus placement.

Written Test: There is no negative marking________ u will get every section separately. Mean u will get first one first n before completion of its time u will be given next one … n u will be asked to stop first one a do next one … One thing i want to tell. This process is really pressure creating … n u will have to be calm n cool

Section 1: Verbal ability

practice articals n preposition________ don՚t take it easy.

u may think that u have screwed up ur paper________but don՚t give up … Bcoz every one have done the same.

Section 2: Analitical ability

don՚t mess up with a particular problem … u can՚t solve all. Just chose easy one and do it

because of time limit u can՚t do all________so why not to attept easy one. Practice IBM or Accenture paper.

Section 3: Mental ability

It was damn easy … u have to score a good marks in it … If want an edge over other________practice more through … Any marittrack paper as of Accenture or IBM.

Section 4: Operating system, data structure and algorithm

Frankly speaking I m very good in data structure. But it is not worth while to attempt it first … As it has long cords and u have to find o/p

or error________attempt operating system first and then algo …

If u will go for data structure first u will certainly get screwed________have a good concept of operating system …

Section 5: C or C ++ (choice is urs)

I have chosen C n kanitkar book was very help to me … If u want to qualify. u have to be very good in this section.

question were on increment operator, decrement operator, pointer, variable passing to function, array, enum, structure, file. Question was very basic … Go through objective book of kanitkar. u can՚t do without it. u need a practice.

Section 6: Comprehension

u will be given one comprehention most probably on some technical issue. I was given on sso.

it will be followed by 10 question.

In my coll question n comprehention was given together but question may not be given with comprehention.

first of u will have to read the comprehention n then u will have to answer that question without looking back to ur passage.

Section 7: E-mail writing:

in 5 min u have to read question as well write the mail on certain condition. Mine condition was …

there is a cloth show room________ which pay back amount with in the 3 days of purchase … a lady asked to refund the amount after one week …

u r manager of showroom and u have to write apology mail to her.

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