Placement Papers: Agile Interview

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Hi friends.

I attended & got through the interview by Aspire.


Aptitude. Mainly on boats & streams, Time & distance, age, alligations etc. Go through Examrace Placement Series. Thats enough

Round-2: (Tech-I)

You will be given few puzzles to solve on the spot by the Interviewer & also u โ€ฒ ll be asked to write simple C programs like

biggest of 3 or 4 numbers.

Fibonacci series

find if a number is even without using %

sum of given โ€˜nโ€™ digit number

print a given number in reverse order, etc

Round-3 (Tech-II)

No. Of. Candidates will be filtered here. U will be asked to write a complex C program. Ur application ability will be tested here. Must be thorough in โ€œCโ€ to clear this round. Programs like

Printing a given sentence without spaces given.

program to control movements of a robot

Sorting like bubble sort, heap sort etc

Also questions on basics of โ€œcโ€ C ++ , Java were asked

Round-4 (HR Interview)

It took about 45 min. HR asked about myself, about the company, reason 4 choosing aspire etc.

This round is to evaluate your attitude (No technical questions here) . Be positive, confident and prepare urself for the HR round too. Because answering on the spot without preparation will not always help u.

โšนโšน ALL THE BEST โšนโšน

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