Placement Papers: Agile Interview

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Hi friends.

I attended & got through the interview by Aspire.


Aptitude. Mainly on boats & streams, Time & distance, age, alligations etc. Go through Examrace Placement Series. Thats enough

Round-2: (Tech-I)

You will be given few puzzles to solve on the spot by the Interviewer & also u'll be asked to write simple C programs like

biggest of 3 or 4 numbers.

Fibonacci series

find if a number is even without using %

sum of given ‘n’ digit number

print a given number in reverse order, etc

Round-3 (Tech-II)

No. Of. Candidates will be filtered here. U will be asked to write a complex C program. Ur application ability will be tested here. Must be thorough in “C” to clear this round. Programs like

Printing a given sentence without spaces given.

program to control movements of a robot

Sorting like bubble sort, heap sort etc

Also questions on basics of “c” C + +, Java were asked

Round-4 (HR Interview)

It took about 45 min. HR asked about myself, about the company, reason 4 choosing aspire etc.

This round is to evaluate your attitude (No technical questions here). Be positive, confident and prepare urself for the HR round too. Because answering on the spot without preparation will not always help u.

* * ALL THE BEST * *