Placement Papers: Aspire Offer Letter

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Hai All.

Today I got the offer letter from Aspire Systems. The procedure is

  1. Written Test
  2. Technical Intrvw
  3. Technical Intrvw ( 2nd ) (We have to write the programs)
  4. HR As I appeared around 2 months back I cant recollect the Written Paper.

Technical Round

  1. Byte code Concept in JAVA2. Program to find the second smallest number in an array
  2. Program to find whether the 2nd bit iis 1 or 0 for a given decimal number
  3. Pointers in JAVA
  4. Some Qstns in Networking, DBMS, OS

Technical Round II

Here we have to write the programs

  1. Program to compare two strings (eg: str1 = Their str2 = Their then we have to compare single character for the first tinme and two charaters next time and three and soo onn)
  2. if d = 8 then your inpus has 8 digits but you donno where the decimal has. You have to find the number before the decimal point (you should not use string, or predefined fun) .

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