Placement Papers: Assurgent Interview

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assurgent technologies came to our college recently. They had 3 rounds of selection-written, tech interview, hr interview.

written was more or less inspired from barron containing all the necessary stuff like quants, DI, DS, analogies, verbal and LR. Out of 40 questions 15 was cutoff.

for technical interview, they checked your C, C ++ , JAVA and basic fundamentals of OS. My interview lasted for 40 min. Questions ranged from DBMS to SE. But all basic definitions.

for HR, they gave us few puzzles, and simple questions like “describe your project and your role” They enquired abt our training, projects and work environment.

All you need to prepare for this company is basic fundamentals and some simple queries in DBMS. They were very polite and interview process was also stress free.


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