Placement Papers: Assurgent Paper on 3rd Mar 2008

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Assurgent came through a consultancy called Niccoventure. On this date around 1000 student appear the written test and out of them 54 was selected.

there was 3 sec.

  1. Arithmetic reasoning
  2. Logical reasoning
  3. English

Sample Questions

  1. father and son year prob.
  2. a man spend salary in X, for Y, th for Z and rest he deposit. If he deposit ₹ 50. Salary?
  3. X is sold in 10 % gain. If sold 4 double the price then what is gain percentage?
  4. train length X mtr. Speed Y km/hr. Bridge length Z mtr. In what time it will pass the bridge?
  5. Up stream X, Down stream Y … What is the speed of the stream?
  6. Xmen Y boys do in given time. Amen B boys in given time then C men D boys in what time?

and also some qu. 4m ratio, avg, percentage and time-work. i don՚t remember them.

logical reasonings was too easy … Some no. Series, some letter series, some direction puzzle. And some letter codings and one net cafe puzzle quite easy one________they are sit in a row … Something like that.

in English sec. Some fill in the blanks. Some synonyms Florid, Griff and couple of antonyms veto, forecast …

After that there was a PI bcoz only 105 was selected 4m written test. Then 54 cleared the PI … i was one of them. Hope this article will help u guys … Good Bye …

Avilash Jena

Orissa Engineering College.

Bhubneswar, Orissa, India.

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