Placement Papers: Assurgent Paper on 5th Dec at ELURU

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Hi friends I m B KRISHNA PRASAD, studying B. Tech (CSE) 4yr in SIR CRR COLLEGE. There was written exam on 5th DEC 2008 in our college. 4 colleges participated.

Assurgent has basically three rounds.




But in our college they conducted written and hr (which includes tr)

They had PPT with us. That was gud n u must present in tht. u will definitely get some idea abt assurgent. I still remember one thing of ppt Assurgent need those who want 2 have continuous relationship with their clients

Written Exam

The written exam is very easy. A little bit of time management will definitely take you to next round. There were three sections: Aptitude, Critical reasoning & Verbal ability

  • for critical reasoning u need 2 be focussed, concentated and apply ur full mind and nothing else u need 2 have (ofcourse gud luck is must!) .
  • for verbal ability the questions involve word meanings, opposites.
  • Time management is ofcourse important to answer all the questions in time.
  • aptitude is the easy one. Just refer to Examrace Placement Series. Refer some basic concepts in streams, tank problems, percentage, etc.

Points to Remember

  • NEGATIVE MARKING is there. So be carefull in answering.
  • u will be given rough sheet. Solve ur answers on rough sheet as neat as u can.
  • Before the written exam u will be given a form. U r required 2 write ur % and some other personal details and also paste a photo.
  • If u take ur photo in formals (tie, coat) , that will be best.
  • Fill ur % CAREFULLY.
  • sectional cutoff will be there. So answer every section carefully.

Well that՚s all about written exam. After sometime d results were announced and our college students those cleared written were asked 2 report with 2 copies of RESUME.

Interview Tips

  • In the interview of ASSURGENT, some general technical questions are asked based on ur resume e. g. My friend mentioned about robotics so she was asked questions abt robot etc.
  • Basically they r not interested in ur answering, they r checking ur confidence levels.
  • So solve them nicely on the paper as u can or explain them verbally how r u solving ur problem.
  • usually HRs of ASSURGENT want us 2 be very POLITE and confident.
  • So be POLITE and don՚t SHOW UR ATTITUDE. don՚t ARGUE with them.
  • Prepare some common things e. g. Which newspaper u read, name of its editor, which sections of paper u read, hw u gather information, wht u surf on internet etc

Sample Interview

My HR was a very young person. My experience is as follows:

HR: Come in

Me: Gud afternoon sir

HR: Have ur seat

Me: Thnku sir

Hr: Give ur resume

I stood and gave it

Hr: Tell me abt urself

Me: Bla bla

Hr: So krishna prasad, whats ur family background?

Me: Bla bla

Hr: IS it ur first company?

Me: No sir.

Hr: u have good % , then why haven՚t u selected so far?

Me: Bla bla

Hr: Ur favourite subject

Me: Data structures

Hr: Then tell me abt stack.

Me: Bla bla

Hr: In ur hobbies u mentioned abt music. Then who is ur favourite music director?


Hr: What is his first album?

Me: Bla bla

Hr: What is his latest album?

ME: Pray for me brother.

Hr: In which year?

Me: Bla bla

Hr: Explain abt function, array?

Me: Bla bla

Hr: What do u know abt assurgent company?

Me: Bla bla.

Hr: Ok krishna prasad. Good time with u. U can leave.

Me: I came out with smiling face.

don՚t argue with interviewer. don՚t show attitude.

Be POLITE and HONEST. Of course hv gud body lang and eye contact etc etc.

Then after waiting for 5 days, results were announced and my name was there. 22 were selected.

Good luck friend

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