Placement Papers: Atlas Paper 2006

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  1. Hygrometry deals with (ans. Moisture content in air)
  2. 1 kg-m = 9.81 J
  3. Relation between gauge, abs atm pressures
  4. Work-study deals with
  5. Time study deals with
  6. Expand MIS-Management Information System
  7. CPM and PERT deals with (ans. Determining the status of the project)
  8. To avoid cavitations in a centrifugal pump
    1. Inlet pressure should be high (ans)
    2. Discharge pressure should be high
  9. Expand NTP- (Normal temperature and press)
  10. Dalton՚s law of pressure (Total pressure equals sum of partial pressures)
  11. As per Avogadro՚s hypothesis (Molecular wt of all gases occupy the same volume under same conditions of temp and pressure)
  12. Use of intercooler- (to reduce work input)
  13. Use of after cooler- (to reduce volume of receiver)
  14. water hammer occurs (due to sudden obstruction in flow)
  15. ABC analysis deals with
  16. Main objective behind plant layout is
    1. to avoid back tracking
    2. To minimize the space occupied
  17. Efficiency of diesel engine as compared to petrol engine under same rated load (high)
  18. Which of the following is not present in a CI engine
    1. Fuel injector
    2. Carburetor (ans)
    3. Fuel pump
  19. Which of the following is not present in a SI engine
    1. Spark plug
    2. Carburetor
    3. Fuel injector (ans)
  20. pour point is (min temp at which a liquid flows at set condition)
  21. Zeroth law of thermodynamics
  22. In value engg value means________
  23. second law of thermodynamics deals with (ans: Entropy)
  24. Mach no deals with________
  25. Output = 9kW, Input = 30kW, Efficiency = (Ans: 30 %) ?
  26. Overall hear transfer co-eff. Present in
    1. Conduction
    2. Convection
    3. Conduction and convection
    4. All modes of heat transfer.
  27. Orifice Definition-provision for flow of liquid with regulation
  28. Break even point (ans: No profit and no loss) .
  29. If a block of ice floating in a tub of water and gets melted then what will be the level of water a. Falls down b. Rises, c. Remains the same
  30. Compressed air coming out of a punctured football
    1. Remains at the same temperature
    2. Becomes hotter
    3. Becomes cooler
  31. Heat transfer takes place as per
    1. Second law
    2. First law
    3. Zeroth law
  32. Choking in compressor means-fixed mass flow rate independent of the pressure ratio (ans)
  33. Formation of frost in refrigerator
    1. Can be prevented if design is proper
    2. Heat transfer becomes more
    3. Heat loss
    4. Immaterial (ans)
  34. Supercharging is the process of (increasing the density of the inlet charge)
  35. How will you find the unburnt mixture in exhaust gas
    1. Analyzing CO
    2. Analyzing Oxygen
  36. Compression ratio is the ratio of
    1. Delivery pr. To inlet pr.
    2. Inlet pr to delivery pr.
    3. Stroke volume to clearance volume
  37. To reduce moisture troubles the compressor main should be
    1. Vertical
    2. Horizontal
    3. Slanting
  38. Critical activity is
    1. Zero float
    2. High float
    3. Low float
  39. Cash discounts is based on
    1. Sold on credit
    2. Bargaining capacity of the seller
    3. Payment of instant cash
  40. 1 kW-hr = 3600 kJ.
  41. which process is more effective for compression
    1. isothermal (ans)
    2. adiabatic
    3. polytrophic
  42. What did W. H. Taylor do?
  43. An adiabatic compression is one in which (no heat enters or leaves the system)
  44. What happens if the refrigerator doors are kept open? -The room will be warmed up gradually (ans)
  45. In which device, the temp of the refrigerant is the lowest
    1. Compressor
    2. Condenser
    3. Expansion valve
    4. Evaporator
  46. In break even analysis, profit occurs when (sales revenue > total cost)
  47. A material piece weighs 2.5 kg in air and 3 kg, when immersed in water, then sp. Gr is
  48. A body of sp. Gr 7 is immersed in mercury of sp. Gr 13.6. What percent of the body will be immersed in water (ans. 0.515) ?
  49. 1 tonne of refrigeration is-The cooling effect produced when melting one tonne of ice
  50. Unit of power (Watt)
  51. What is the use of the reverse flow of air in compressor
    1. Cleaning the dust particles settled
    2. Velocity of the air flow increases
    3. pressure increases
  52. Rota meter Flow measurement
  53. If we use petrol in diesel engine (lot of fuel will remain unburnt)
  54. The intake of air in an air compressor can be had from
    1. An area nearby coal yard
    2. An area nearby a cooling tower
    3. A room in which conditioned air is maintained at 20C
    4. Atm air maintained at 1 C

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