Placement Papers: AtOS Origin Pattern Interview 10 Aug 2007

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In my opinion the written round was reasonably tough. There was negative marking and sectional cut-off. Practice a little Examrace Placement Series.

  1. Logical
  2. Quantitative-time n distance, work, venn, sets, linear equations, there were more i don՚t remember.
  3. English-Reading Comprehension, synonyms, analogy, fill in the blanks, more. But i don՚t remember
  4. Essay-They said that this is NOT A DISQUALIFIER. The essay will be gone through during the interview to assess your thoughts


My interview was a Piece of Cake Tech and HR interview happened simultaneously. Most of my time was spent in answering HR questions.

The questions that I can remember are

  1. How would you dynamically allocate memory to an array Ans: int n; scanf (% d, &n) ; int ⚹ p; p = (int ⚹) malloc (n ⚹ sizeof (int) )
  2. What is return parameter of a constructor Ans: constructor does not return anything
  3. How will you make it return something Ans: Send address of return variable as an argument to the constructor. Store in pointer and modify
  4. How is multiple inheritance done in Java. Ans: Using interfaces.
  5. suppose you have a class C address 192.168. 0. x 192.168. 0.1 is for router How many other systems can you connect to this network Ans: I said 253, but i am not sure about this answer.
  6. Where do you see yourself 2 years from now?
  7. where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
  8. If u r not happy with ur job, how will you let your superior know?
  9. Define CHALLENE
  10. If I tell you to learn a new language (Say COBOL) in a week. Will you be able to do it? how?
  11. Family background
  12. 3 Strengths. 1 Weakness. How do u plan to overcome?

Other Questions

  1. What is Oracle. What is SQL Server.
  2. Explain network model, heirarchial model, relational model (RDBMS)
  3. 9 balls are given. 8 balls have equal weight. 1 ball has different weight (maybe more or less) . You have one weighing scale. Minimum number of measuring to detect the odd ball.

Around 60 − 70 appeared for written

19 were selected for interviews.

12 were selected finally (7 Btech. Remaining Mtech/MCA) .

They gave a pen and a Swiss army knife to those who were selected

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