Placement Papers: AtOS Origin Pattern Interview 22 June 2007

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This is Mahesh from F. R. C. R. I. T (VASHI) . I have attended ATOS ORIGIN placement on 22nd of June at our college. There were about 75 students appeared for this.


1: Aptitude test

2: Technical cum HR interview

The aptitude test was bit difficult, but if u r done with R. S. Aggrawal then u don՚t have to worry at all. Bcoz all the question are from time & work, time & distance, profit & loss, probabilities section. Only 28 student՚s r selected from the aptitude round and I was the 28th .

The next round was of interview. The technical cum HR interview was taken by the two people together. The interview was dam cool.

It goes as follows:

Int: Hi, tell me something about urself.

I: Told

Int: Tell me something about mini projects that u have mentioned in ur resume.

[⚹ This is most certain question so study Ur resume properly and only mention those things that u really know well enough. They will ask u that in depth. don՚t just write stupid hobbies like reading, dancing unless u r really dedicated to those. ⚹]

I: Explained

Int: Tell me the difference between ASP and AWT

I: Told

Int: How can u get the label of the button pressed in java?

I: Tried to explain [ans: Using ae. GetActioncommand () function] .

Int: Tell me your strengths and weakness

I: Told

[⚹ The most obvious weakness is: I hardly say no to anyone Strengths: Punctuality, positive approach, I never give up. ⚹]

Int: Tell me any recent example of ur last strength.

I: Told him about how I reach college just two days ago through heavy traffic by taking lift from several guys.

Int: Tell something about our organization

I: Told the annual turnover, branches, their clients etc.

Then he told me to add two zero՚s to the turnover told by me.

Int: Then ask something similar qn but I didn՚t understood.

I: I don՚t know sir.

Int: Why? U was not listening to our ppt in the morning.

I: Yes sir, I was there, but the AC was so high so I couldn՚t concentrate.

Int: So what u r going to do in our organization. We have centralized AC in all our offices.

I: Sir, I will ask my father to get an AC right now at our home.

All three of us start laughing. At that point I felt I got a good chance of getting selected. Then he asks me if I want to know anything about their organization. If they ask u this question, believe me u r 95 % selected. I asked couple of qns. Then he just said best of luck.

14 students got selected from our college and my name was there. I got selected in ATOS ORIGIN.

Let me tell u something very-very important from my experience. I had appeared for TCS, WIPRO, MASTEK, but didn՚t succeed. But don՚t lose hope is the moral of the story, Believe in urself and u will get what u want. Be confident. that՚s all.

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