Placement Papers: Axes 2007 Paper

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Computer science branch students had 4 sections to


  1. General aptitude (simple-easier than RSAgarwal) Q βˆ’ 11. Was wrong it was relating to some fatal relationship. The other՚s were number sequencing, GRE analogies, antonyms (abt. 10 questions) . Totally about 50 questions
  2. Microcontroller 8086 (basics only, some questions like max. Unsigned number in 8086 ans = 2power16) there were some small codes you need to trace.
  3. β€˜c’ was simple, there were some stubs o/p was to be traced. There was one bit wise β€˜or’ problem
  4. I felt this the toughest (Java/C ++ /OSconcepts) Java and C ++ were general questions, no progs. And os was easy (i guess i got just 40 % right in this section) .

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