Placement Papers: Aztec 2005 Mumbai

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I hv appeared 4 the test, it was consisting of

MAT (mental ability test) it was of 30 mins and there were 60 questions

ques were simple u need not to do much more paper work________

qus were like on series abt 10 qs … English vocab, grammer, few apti …

i got 40 out of 60

then break of 2 mins only and 2nd test started.

TAT (technical awareness test) it was also of 30 mins and 60 qs …

it was really gud collection qs. Were on NETWORKING i.e.. . On OSI, TCP/IP, layers, few on OS …

i got 33 out of 60

cutoff was 65________

i was selected 4 interview …

it was completely on NETWORKING & Modulation.

i.e.. AM, FM, PCM, telecomm devices, routers, bridges,

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