Placement Papers: Aztec 2006 West Bengal Paper

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Aztech Soft is a very good company with lots of facilities. it՚s a CMMI level V company________this company gives a very good training. Aztech has GD. In our group of 10 persons 2 were selected including me. They give us the choice to choose gd topics. And the written test were also easy … They consists of general aptitude, verbal, analytical and a C program. In our case there were a C program for palindrome. The technical round is also good. In HR round they ask personal details as well as some puzzles.

  1. They will ask you that which language you know better.
  2. Some basics of C.
  3. 1 12 123 1234 12345 123456 A program to form the above fig. By C code.
  4. Some question on Java. What is class, access specifires.
  5. A simple program on Java to check how to define class in Java.
  6. If you have done any project then they will ask questions on that.
  7. They prefer if you know. NET
  8. I hv done projects on. NET, so they ask few questions on that topic.
  9. who discover JAVA and. NET?
  10. A simple query on sql.
  11. Some question on DBMS.
  12. I have done project on. NET and sql server … So they ask me some question on sql server.
  13. What is stack, queue, linked list, diffrence between array and linked list in Data Structure.
  14. What are the different life cycle models in software engg.

I attended this exam with 0 preparation. Apti was damm easy (mainly freom Agarwal … Puzzels, quantitatives, decition making, data interpretation, data sufficiency problem etc.) and 1 program was there carrying 17 marks. it՚s also too easy. Only looping concept r needed.







There was 1 apti (60min) . 1 gd (around 20 mins 8 peoples) , 1 technical (min 30mins max 50mins) and finally a Hr round (min 10mins max 20 mins) .

GD also was good. The coordinator was really help full and showed real leadership quality by himself. My topic was: “should there b any dress code for women in working places” … Other topics “will u come back to India if u have been to Africa” “BPO” etc.

the Technical and HR were very tough but very very easy for me. They r looking for smartness the basic knowledge of database, C, datastructure, and it may be from geography, physics. don՚t panic. It depends panel to panel.

their HR round was pretty interactive. u only hav to express urself with out fear and say boldly that u know … But 1 thing must b taken care of that u must b confident, otherwise they can eliminate u in the Technical or even in the HR, it was a long session. They took 2 consecutive dayz. Body and mind may b flushed out. But u hav to put urself up to compete others.

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