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    1. WRITTEN TEST The test basically is on the following topics: Logical reasoning Analytical reasoning General aptitude English C Programming The result was announced after an hour and the short listed students (25) were called for a group discussion round.
    2. GROUP DISCUSSION: Here, they divided the students who were selected in the written test into groups of 8 to 10 each. The individual groups were called for the GD separately, wherein initially they asked us to introduce ourselves and then the topic was given for the discussion, before starting the discussion we were given about 2 mins. To think on the subject and then the discussion started which lasted about 10 mins. Some of the topics, which are given in the group discussion, are: Vulgarity in cinema today. Is it necessary to do masters or bachelors degree in computer science in order to become a software professional. After the group discussion 19 students were called for the next round.
    3. TECHNICAL INTERVIEW I Here each student was called individually and questioned based on the resume. For an Electronics and Communication (ECE) student they generally asked questions like, Why did you choose ECE? How do you think you can fair well in a software field? Which is your field of interest? Based on the field of interest, the student was questioned on the same
      1. Write a program to insert a node in a sorted linked list.
      2. Write a program to implement the Fibonacci series.
      3. Write a program to concatenate two circular linked lists into a single circular list.
      4. A function even_odd_difference () passes the array of elements. Write a program to calculate the difference of the two sums of which one sum adds the elements of odd ones and another adds the elments of even ones.
      5. Write a program to reverse a linked list.

      Results were announced after the final round (i.e. … , HR round)

    4. TECHNICAL INTERVIEW II After the Technical Interview I, again each student was called individually and questioned on C programming language and the questions were also asked based on the subjects done in previous semester depending on the branch chosen. Some of the questions were: What is a compiler, interpreter? Write a program to accept a string and display it in an output file. Program to sort an array of data. Why does the compile time and runtime error occur? Results were announced only after the final round (i.e.. . , HR round)

In this round the student was basically asked to introduce himself/herself along with the family background.

Some of the questions were:

What according to you are the qualities of a leader?

What would be your reaction to a certain situation?

What is e-learning?

Do you think internet is the basic necessity of life.

Can you work under pressure (better give example of a situation were u had to work under pressure) .

Only this much i could get.

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