Placement Papers: CMC Arithmetic Questions

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  1. . Total distance is 120 km. Going by 60kmph and coming back by 40kmph what is the average speed? Ans: 48kmph
  2. . A school have 30 % from MAHARASTRA. Out of this 20 % from BOMBAY students. Find the total percentage of BOMBAY Ans: 6 %
  3. . An equilateral triangle of side 3 inch is given. How many equilateral triangles of side 1 inch can be formed from it Ans: 9
  4. . A/B = 15A = ? Ans: 9B
  5. . Each side of a rectangle is increased by 100 % . How much the percentage of area will be increased Ans: 300 %
  6. . Perimeter of the back whell = 9 feet, front wheel = 7 feet on a certain distance the front wheel gets 10 revolutions more than back wheel. What is the distance? Ans: 315 feet.
  7. . Perimeter of front wheel = 30, back wheel = 20. If front wheel revolves 240 times. Howm many revolutions will the back wheel take? Ans: 360 times
  8. . 205 of 6 liter solution and 60 % of 4 liter solution is mixed What percentage of the mixture of solution Ans: 36 %
  9. . City A population is 68000, decreasing at a rate of 80 per year City B having population 42000 increasing at a rate of 120 per year. In how many years both the cities will have same population Ans: 130 years
  10. . Two cars, 15 km apart one is turning at a speed of 50kmph other at 40kmph. How will it take to two cars meet. Ans hours
  11. . A person wants to buy 3 paise and 5 paise stamps costing exactly one rupee. If he buys which of the following number of stamps. He wont able to buy 3 paise stamps Ans: 9
  12. . There are 12 boys and 15 girls, How many different dancing groups can be formed. Ans: 180
  13. . Which of the following fractions is less than


  14. . Two circles, one circle is inscribed and another circle is outscribed over a square. What is the ratio of area of inner to outer circle. Ans: 1: 2

Plumber Problem (15 − 17)

Miss Dean wnats to renovate her house. She hires a plumber, a carpenter, a painter an electricial and interior deorator.

The work to be finished in one working (Monday-Friday) . Each worker will take the full day to do his job. Miss Dean permit only one person to work each day.

The painter cna work only after the plumber and the carpenter have finished their jobs

The interior decorator must do his job before the electrician.

The carpenter cannot work on Monday or Tuesday

  1. If the painter work on Thursday, which one of the following alternatives is possible?
    1. The electrician works on Tuesday.
    2. The electrician works on Friday.
    3. The interior decorator works after the painter does.
    4. The painter works on consecutive days
    5. Miss Dean cannot fit all of the workers int schedule

    Answer: b

  2. If the painter works on Friday which of the following must be false?
    1. The carpenter may works on Wednesday
    2. The carpenter and the electrician may work on consecutive days
    3. If the carpenter works on Thursday, the electrician has to work on wednesday
    4. The plumber may work before the electrician does
    5. The electrician may work on Tuesday

    Answer: c

  3. Which argument is possible?
    1. The electrician will works on Tuesday and the interior decorator on Friday
    2. The painter will work on wednesday and plumber on thursday
    3. The carpenter will works on Tuesday and the painter on Friday
    4. THe painter will work on Monday and the carpenter on Thursday
    5. The carpenter will work on Wednesday and the plumber on Thursday

    Answer: e

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