Placement Papers: CMC Paper 2010

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  1. There are six steps that lead from the first to the second floor. No two people can be on the same step. Mr A is two steps below Mr C Mr B is a step next to Mr D Only one step is vacant (No one standing on that step) Denote the first step by step 1 and second step by step 2 etc. If Mr A is on the first step, Which of the following is true?
    1. Mr B is on the second step
    2. Mr C is on the fourth step.
    3. A person Mr E, could be on the third step
    4. Mr D is on heigher step than Mr C

    Answer: d

  2. If Mr E was on the third step & Mr B was on a higher step than Mr E which step must be vacant
    1. step 1
    2. step 2
    3. step 4
    4. step 5
    5. step 6

    Answer: a

  3. If Mr B was on step 1, which step could A be on?
    1. 2&e only
    2. 3&5 only
    3. 3&4 only
    4. 4&5 only
    5. 2&4 only

    Answer: c

  4. If there were two steps between the step that A was standing and the step that B was standing on, and A was on a higher step than D, A must be on step
    1. 2
    2. 3
    3. 4
    4. 5
    5. 6 Ans: (C)
  5. six swimmers A B C D E F compete in a race. There are no ties. The out comes are as follows.
    1. B does not win.
    2. Only two swimmers seperate E & D
    3. A is behind D & E
    4. B is ahead of E, with one swimmer intervening
    5. F is a head of D who is fifth
      1. A
      2. B
      3. C
      4. D
      5. E

      Answer: e

    6. How many swimmers seperate A and F
      1. 1
      2. 2
      3. 3
      4. 4
      5. not deteraminable from the given info.

      Ans: (D)

    7. The swimmer between C & E is
      1. none
      2. F
      3. D
      4. B
      5. A

      Answer: a

    8. If the end of the race, swimmer D is disqualified by the Judges then swimmer B finishes in which place
      1. 1
      2. 2
      3. 3
      4. 4
      5. 5

      Answer: b

Analytical Reasoning

What is the maximum total number of green roofs for houses Ans: (C)

There are 5 red shoes, 4 green shoes. If one drasw randomly a shoe what is the probability of getting redshoe is 5c c1

What is the selling price of a car? cost of car is ₹ 60 & profit 10 % profit over selling price Ans: ₹ 66/-

of girls, of boys go to canteen. What factor and total number of clasmates go to canteen. Ans: Cannot be determined.

price of a product is reduced by 30 % . What percentage should be increased to make it 100 % Ans: 42.857 %

There is a square of side 6cm. A circle is inscribed inside the square. Find the ratio of the area of circle to square.

r = 3 circle/square =

Two candles of equal lengths and of different thickness are there. The thicker one will last of six hours. The thinner 2 hours less than the thicker one. Ramesh light the two candles at the same time. When he went to bed he saw the thicker one is twice the length of the thinner one. For how long did Ramesh lit two candles.

Ans: 3 hours.

M/N = 3M + 2N = ? Ans: Cannot be determined

p/q = 2p + q = ? cannot determined.

If PQRST is a parallelogram what it the ratio of triangle PQS & parallelogram PQRST Ans: 1: 2

cost of an item is ₹ 12.60 7 profit is 10 % over selling price what is the selling price Ans: ₹ 13.86/-

There are 6 red shoes & 4 green shoes. If two of red shoes are drawn what is the probability of getting red shoesAns: 6c c2

15 lts of water containing 20 % alcohol, then added 5 lts of water. What is % alcohol. 15 %

A worker pay 20/-day, he works 1, , , . in a week. What is the total amount paid for that worker 57.50

The value of x is between 0 & 1 which is the larger? 1/x

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