Placement Papers: CMC Paper 2012

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  1. Auger: Carpenter: Awl: Caobbler
  2. ode: Song: Chant: Something can՚t remember
  3. Alarm: Trigger: Trap: Spring
  4. scales: Justice: Torch: Liberty
  5. witch: Coven: Actor: Troupe

Data Sufficiency Questions

  1. The number is two digit number
    1. by adding we get 5
    2. by subtractin we get 2

    ans: Both a, b required

  2. Given a quadrilateralABCD determine whweter it is rectangle
    1. AB = CD
    2. angle B = 90dergees

    ans: Both required

  3. To detmine the no of rolls a wall paper has given 16feet width and 12 feet length
    1. area coverd is 20feet
    2. the room has no windows

    don՚t know

  4. A book shelf has some books and in that fine no of book it has
    1. if 2 books r removed it gives a total of 12
    2. if 4 books are added it gives a total of 17 like that

English Questions

  1. which following represets a comitee ans: k, ln
  2. which seve P k and l
  3. which must be true
    1. if J seves on P, P must be assigned to committee
    2. if J not seve on comitee then M cannot be assigne dto comitee
    3. if J seve on a comitee then L must seve on that comitee

    ans: b and c

  4. If L is not available for sevice which must be on comitee ans: n and o
  5. Which must be true
    1. n and o r always on same comitee
    2. m and o never seve on same comitee
    3. when m seves, Lmust seve ans: b and c

Logical Reasoning

  1. In 1978 thomas published “essay on population” in which he postulated that food supply can never keep pace …
    1. which of the following statements if true would tend weaken thomas argument?
      1. the total population of human has risen at rapid rate because of removal of natural checks on population.
      2. in many nations the increse i humann population has forstriped ′ Hey u find this

      also in one model papers given in gre baron 13th edition or any ger book In

      this he has given two questions the first one answer is mostly c I think and

      the second one answer is A i.e. … wars. Verify this also from barren ok.

    2. If Ealnine is on srteing committee then she is on the central committee. Tjis stemnt can be logically deduced from which the following statements? Ans: Everyone who is on steering committee is also on central committee.
    3. Frank must be a football player. He is wering a football jesy.

    Ans: Only football players wear jerseys.


  1. u have to compare and write it
  2. 10 power 11 − 10power 10 and 10 power 10
  3. given circimference of a circle is 4pie and for other circle ihe has given the diameter. He asked to compare the radius of both circles.
  4. He ahs given a strigth line with points x z y on that such that compare xz and xy here we wiil think that xy is greater
  5. He has given a triangle such that AB = BC = CA and he has drawn a straight line from A a⧵such that the line be AD now we have to compare BD and CD here we have say information is not sufficient since here he didn՚t give any information regarding that line. So we cant say whether it dives the segment BC into two equal halves
  6. + + +
  7. Some squareroot problems he has given can՚t remember here the questions r very

easy but see that they should be answered very carefully I think u got this. He

hs given 20 questions ans u have to answer it in 5min

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