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20 analogies Questions

  • Banal: Originality
  • Exemplary: Reproach
  • Equivocation: Meaning
  • Grosteque: Distorted
  • Explosion: Debris
  • Resolved: Doubt
  • Curator: Painting
  • Incommunicando: Contact
  • Tenacity: Weak
  • Ambivalence: Commit
  • Regrettable: Cement
  • Slender: Pejorative
  • Singer: Chorus
  • Svelte: Emaciated
  • Hear: Inaudible
  • Crupescule: Twilight
  • Motley: Color
  • Blameworthy: Reproach
  • Content: Euphoric
  • Futile: Progency

Technical Part


echo $ uses

compiler types difference



ground waves

5 ques on c

header file can be called in main function or not

crc polynomial order

1nf, 2nf, 3nf

lexical analysis

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