Placement Papers: CMC Pattern on 25th July 2006 at Andra Pradesh

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selection procedure contains

  1. aptitude test
  2. technical test
  3. technical interview
  4. hr interview in aptitude 3-sections
    1. section-total time 15 min 20 analogys-5 marks total 1 comprehension-4 questions-6 marks total 20 comparisions
    2. section 20 arthematic question-easy-time is 10 min
    3. section-toal time 20 min

analyical reasioning 9

logical reasioning 9

data sufficiency 7

all are easy but time consuming

all will be eliminated in test itself

may they will not conduct techincal test if least members are qualified (5 − 6 like that)

total 125 members-only 6 were qualified in the first test

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