Placement Papers: CMC Questions 2006

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  1. What is virtual Memory?
  2. Write the hexadecimal equivalent of 258.
  3. What is Line Algoritham?
  4. Why is the first form of normalization so defined (Databases) .
  5. Why do we have different forms like hexadecimal, 2, s complement, octal etc?
  6. define operating system.
  7. what is deadlock? give a real-life example of deadlock.
    1. What is Referential Integrity?
    2. What is the advantage of maintaining the data in the database over storing it in flat files?
    3. Explain the 3 normal forms?
    4. Why do you have to normalize a schema?
    5. What are the problems of having redundancy in the schema?
    6. Have you heard of Codd, s rules?
    7. All variables in C should have a data type. Do you agree? The, what is the data type of a pointer?
    8. If you write C code in Turbo C, compile and get an executable out of it, will you be able to run the executable in Unix or Linux? Why?
    9. What is the size of an integer? Is it the same always & everywhere? If so, why cant you use the same object code (produced in one OS) and run it on another OS?
    10. How about java? What makes java platform independent?
    11. Write a program to count the number of 1, s in the binary representation of a given number.
    12. Denormalisation in DataWarehousing & Data Mining. Have you heard of it in DWDM course? This was asked in the context of increased redundancy if normalisation not done.

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