Placement Papers: CMC Questions 2008

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⚹ What is first normalisation?

⚹ Design a layout for storing the names of people and different modes of communicating with them

⚹ What are the benefits of Objected Oriented Technologies?

⚹ What is polymorphism?

⚹ Of the following two implementations of a stack using a vector which is

a cleaner version and why?

  1. The stack inheriting the vector
  2. The stack including a vector member in it
    1. What is Harvard architecture
    2. What is Histogram Equalization
    3. write C program for Histogram
      1. what is a bridge (related to computer networks) ?
      2. what is meant by VHDL
      3. and some project related questions like they asked me abt DSP processor

    used in my project i.e.. . TMS32010

    1. Describe the Embedded project that you did?
    2. What are the different socket calls?
    3. Does distributed databases mean different servers running on different systems or what?
    4. s1 English

s2 French

s3 Japanese

s1 French

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