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  1. A man purchased 6 stamps of rupees 1 and seven stamps of 50 paise. He paid โ‚น 12 and how much change he got back? Ans. Two โ‚น And fifty paisa
  2. REPUBLICAN = 108 so DEMOCRATE = (it is diffcult. i made guess on 84) ?
  3. if ELECTRICITY-GAS = 100 then JACK-JILL = ?
  4. 8 man work for 6 days to complete a work. How many men are required to complete same work in day. Ans. 96 men.
  5. A man drives at a speed of 40 miles/hr. His wife left 30 mins. Late with 50 miles/hr speed. When will they meet? Ans. 2 hours
  6. A farmer walks at constant speed on the perimeter of his rectangular field. It takes him twice the time to cover longer side than shorter side. If he walks total 300 m. Then find out the area of field? Ans. 5000 sq. m
  7. 2 is what % of 4t (answer is 50/t. But there was no such choice is answers. So you can tick at either 50t or t/50) ?
  8. Find the hypotaneous of a right angle isoceles tringle whose area is Ans. 10 โšน (root 2)
  9. (root 200) - (root 50) = ? Ans. 5 โšน (root2)
  10. Boys are not girls. Jill is a girl. Ans. Jill is a girl.
  11. Exercise is good for health. My health is in my hand. Ans. Exercise for good health is in my hand.
  12. Factorize y โšนโšน 2 + 8y โˆ’ 48 = 0, Ans (y + 12) . (y โˆ’ 4)
  13. 1, 40,00, 000 pencils are put up straight. All the pencils are of length range 3 to 6 inches. 80 % of the pencils have average of five inches. So the find out the total length spanned by the pencils. Ans. 1000 to 1500 miles.
  14. If a ball falls from 16 feet takes 4 seconds. How much time it will take when falls fron 64 feets. Ans. Less than 16 seconds.
  15. One question was based on Binomial theorem. So you just learn the formula of this theorem.
  16. There were some questions on series: 21, 463, 687, 238,1134, ________Ans. 297
  17. There were 7 or 8 questions on word meanings. These were the only questions in the paper who have more than one answer. Read instruction given before these questions carefully. Words are as follows:
  18. Facetitous
  19. Callous
  20. Mitigate
  21. Dupe
  22. Accord
  23. Dogmatic There were 8 questions in the paper based on pictures. 8 pictures were shown in which something was missing in each picture. You have to find out what is missing among 20 choices. Answer: PICTURE MISSING
  24. India map Gujarat
  25. Woman with specs. Nose bridge
  26. Shirt Button
  27. Tree Twig
  28. Sun Birds or Shadow
  29. woman and child foot prints
  30. side face eyebrows
  31. Girl________?
  32. There were 4 questions on series of pictures in order to make a story. You will get understand when you will see these.
  33. 6 questions were on block filling. These are easy questions. You should attempt it.

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