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  1. with framework CASE tools IPSE can be achieved. IPSE is
    1. integrated product software engineering.
    2. integrated productivity simulation environment
    3. inner project software estimation
    4. inntegreted project support environment
  2. data structured system devolepment (DSDD) is also called one of the below which is evolved from work on information domain analysis
    1. JD methodology
    2. yourdon methodology
    3. warnier-or methodology
    4. Kevin-yenn methodology
  3. Answer this
    1. COCOMO estimation model is a single valued mode to compute software development effort (and cost) as a function of program size expressed in estimated lines of codes.
    2. PUTNAM model is single valued model assuming a specific distribution of effort over life of software development project.

    Which is correct?

    1. a and b both correct
    2. a correct b wrong
    3. b correct a wrong
    4. and b both wrong question is not cleared
  4. when in data coupling portion of a data structure (rather than simple argument) is passed via a model interface it is called one of the below
    1. control coupling
    2. stamp coupling
    3. sub-coupling
    4. reference coupling
  5. what is measure of reliability for a computer based system if MTBF = mean time between failure. MTTF = mean time to failure. MTTR = mean time to recover
    2. MTBF = MTTF ⚹ MTTR
    3. MTTR = MTTF ⚹ MTBF
    4. MTBF = MTTF-MTTR (sign is not cleared)
  6. In FURPS quality factors by HEWERT PACKAR
    1. functionality is accessed by evaluating o ne feature of program and capability of algorithm only
    2. supportability means breath of premna application and death of standards used

    Which is correct?

    1. a and b both correct
    2. a correct b wrong
    3. b correct a wrong
    4. and b both wrong question is not cleared
  7. ur testing of basis paw message means software devolepme nt quatiative measure of logical complexity program of independent path in search of program
    1. data cycle complexity
    2. path complexity metric
    3. cyclomatic complexity
    4. none of above (question is not cleared so try to understand it)
  8. as a general rule
    1. MIS performane criteria determine management information needs and these needs determine the objective of the firm
    2. the objective of the firm determine the management information needs and these needs determine the MIS performance criteria
    3. management information needs determine the MIS performance criteria and these criteria determine the objective of form
    4. the objectives of firm determine the MISpwrformance criteria and these criteria detemine the management information needs.
  9. a relatively small project is to be developed by a small team with good applocation experience needing to fulfull less than rigid requirements. Using the basis COCOMA model calculate the effort in person-months if the estimated lines of code is 33200
    1. 95 person-months.
    2. 111 perso n-months
    3. 102 person-months
    4. 87 person-moths
  10. CRC modeling provides a way for identifying classes their respomnsibilities and their collaboration. a collabration refers to:
    1. services provided by a class to other classes
    2. requests sent by a class to ther classes to fulfill its own responsibility.
    3. taxonomy of class types
    4. characterstics of a class
  11. Time oriented metrics is one of the below i.e.. , times it takes to analyze change request, design an appropriate modification, implement the change, test it and distribute to all users
  12. a software was developed using component assembly model. After some time and old componet is to be replaced by a new one without disturbing the overall fuctioning of the softwarwe. Following statements is true.
    1. the new component should be developed in the same language as the old one
    2. the new component should have exactly the same attribute as the old one.
    3. the new component should inplement exactly the same methods as the old one.
    4. The new component should provide exactly the same interface as the old one.
  13. a real time system is to be developed the choice of database would most appropriately be
    1. distributed databases because the reduce redundancy of data.
    2. distributed databases because the facilate parallel data processing through miultitasking
    3. centralized databases because of high computing power the server.
    4. centralized databases because they provide better deadlock handling mechanism.
  14. the following statement is equavalence echo ~
    1. echo SHOME
    2. SHOME
    3. pwd
    4. ps
  15. the equavalent of following statement is echo ~bin
    1. echosbin
    2. echo bin
    3. pwd
    4. echo pwd
  16. the command that gives the process of ID of last command invoked
    1. $ @
    2. $ #
    3. $!
    4. $ $
  17. the output of the following shell script $ set-a planets mecury venus $ planets [9] = Pluto $ print $ {planets [⚹] }
    1. planets
    2. mercurity venus puto
    3. Pluto mercury Pluto
    4. gives an error
  18. “let” command is used for
    1. command substitution
    2. arithmetic calculation
    3. to create analias
    4. not used
  19. name the relationships that denotes some semantic dependency among otherwise unrelated classes.
    1. generilazation or specification.
    2. part of
    3. association
    4. all of the above
  20. object persistence is best described by the following
    1. the ability to retain an object throughout the execution of a method
    2. the ability to retain an object throughout the execution of a program
    3. the ability to save objects from one execution of a program to the text.
    4. the ability to retain an object throughout time and or space
  21. what is socket? how many required to make connection between two systems
    1. a socket is 2-tuple having protocol and port number and requires 4sockets
    2. a socket is 3-tuple having protocol address and port number and requires 4 sockets
    3. a socket is 2-tuple having protocol and address and requires 2 sockets
    4. a socket is 3-tuple having protocol address and port number and requires 2 sockets
  22. TCP/IP runs on
    1. an Ehtener
    2. a token ring
    3. an x. 25 net
    4. all of the above
  23. the job og fragmentation and re-assembly of datagrams in TCP/IP protocol suite is done by
    1. network access layer
    2. internet layer
    3. transport layer
    4. application layer
  24. the sequence number in TCP header is used to
    1. identify the first byte of the enclosed data int segment
    2. identify the computer
    3. identify the port on which server is running
    4. none
  25. what is output of the final echo command, $ x = hell0 $ echo ‘x = goodbye’ > sedtx $ sh setx; x = bye $ echo $ x
    1. hello
    2. goodbye
    3. bye
    4. none
  26. what would be the output of the following echo command in sequence? $ x = 1 $ echo ‘x = 2’ > setx $ sh setx $ echo $ x $ x = 3 $ setx $ echo $ x
    1. 2,2
    2. 1,2
    3. 2,3
    4. 1,3
  27. memory reference instruction branch subroutine (BSB) IS given instruction transferming
    1. control to subroutine
    2. first word of the subroutine
    3. address of next instruction in sequence which is presently held in pc (return addres)
    4. another BSBinstruction
  28. assume memory units has 65536 words of 8bits. The number of bits in program counter. Accumalator. Memory address register instruction respectively are
    1. 16,8, 16,8
    2. 16,16, 8,8
    3. 8,16, 8,16
    4. 8, 8,16, 16
  29. which of the following instruction is used to load 2050h address toHL register pair?
    1. LOD H, 2050H
    2. LOAD H, 2050H
    3. LXIH, 2050H
    4. LDAH, 2050H
  30. what will be the value of the accumalator having AAH after executing RLC instruction twice?
    1. 55h
    2. abh
    3. bah
    4. aah
  31. the top of the stack contains 5A&next byte down the stack is 14 (all address in hexadecimal) the stack pointer (sp) containts 3A56. An instruction call subroutint stored at location 67AE whick is 3 bytes long is located at memory address 013F. What shall be the contents of Program Counter, SP and stack respectively after the call instruction is executed? PC SP stack
    1. 67AE 3A58 42,01, 5A, 14
    2. 0142 3A58 01,42, 5A, 14
    3. 67AE 3A56 42,01, 5A, 14
    4. 0142 3A56 01,42, 5A, 14

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