Placement Papers: CTS Interview on 1st Aug at Varanasi

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HI, I am XYZ. This is my best experience with CTS.

written test pattern: In written test 3 sections r there

Section1: 25 marks verbal reasoning

Section2: 25 marks analytical reasoning

Section3: 20 marks on logical reasoning (in this mainly they give 5 marks on CUBES, 5 marks on ODDMAN OUT, 5 marks on DEDUCTIONS etc________)


Me: Good afternoon sir

Int: Good afternoon sir take ur seat

Int: Tell me good name pleaze

Me: Chandra sekhara reddy

Int: Ok mr chandra sekhara reddy i will call u chandu, is there any ploblem with this name, other wise i will call chandra or sekhar. He ask me choose one of these.

Me: With smile i tell him call me chandu sir.

Int: I am also liking chandu

int: Tell me some thing about ur self chandu

M: Ans to that question

int: Ok chandu tell me some thing of ur family background

M: Ans that question, next he was come technical side

int: What is zenor diode

M: Ans to that question

int: What is avalanch breakdown voltage

M i say i dont know sir

int: What is interrupt

me: Ans ti that

int: How the proirity given to these interrupts

me ans that question

int: Who give the proirity

me: Ans to that also

int: What is process

int: What is thread, difference between process and thread

int: Is there any possibility of multiple processes in a single thread

me: i ans to all these questions

int: What difference between c and cpp

int: What r the object oriented programming properties

int: What is inheritance, and explain with one practical example

int: What is functin overloading

int: He give one program, ask me this program is functin overloading or not

int: He give me one program on operator overloading

int: He ask me write a program on bubble sorting

int: What is the difference b/n bubble sort and shell sort

int: Write a program on insertion sorting.

me: Ans to above all questions

int: What is presently going in IT industry

me: Ansered to this question HE really impressed

me: Finally i ask 5 questions to the interviewer

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