Placement Papers: CTS Interview

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(This is based only on HR, s)

For me it was fully technical, but for my friends it was HR Question, s that played major role.

The HR, s were very friendly

Anyway I, ll explain how my interview went

Me: May I come in sir?

Int: Yes.

Me: Good morning Sir (And gave a warm, confident hand shake) .

Int: Take your seat

Int: Okie Mr. Shaj. Tell me about yourself

Me: Started and went well.

Then I noticed that my voice was less intense.

As I dint have my breakfast and I, m the first one to attend

the interview (First member of first panel) so

for me it was before lunch by 12.00.

I verified him and asked whether I was audible or not?

Then I asked him water. Water was not there, he gave ma a cup of


(This is to let u people know how friendly they were)

Me: Thank you sir. Im feeling better now.

Me: Shall I continue?

Int: Yes. You can.

Me: Started again and went till 3 mins (There was a short pause after this) .

(I just filled it by saying β€œIs there anything specific that you would like me to elaborate on?” )

Int: Okie. What is your Field of Interest?

Me: Microprocessor 8085

Int: Can you draw the Architecture of that?

Me: Yes. And I started drawing (After few seconds he interrupted) .

Int: Can you program using microprocessor?

Me: Yes sir

Int: Then can you write a program for multiplying two numbers?

Me: Finished the program within 1 min as I have prepared for this question.

Int: Asked me to explain the program.

Me: I did.

Int: Microprocessor operates only on Binary right? Which converts Hexa decimal to binary.

Me: I dunno the right answer for that. I said assembler

Int: How many transistor does 8085 have?

Me: 6500

Int: Why does frequency of the external clock applied to 8085 get divided by 2 internally?

Me: The frequency is divided to have lesser rise time and fall time

Int: Do you know Dual-core. What it consists of?

Me: A Microprocessor and Digital Signal Processor

Int: What are the differences between them?

Me: Told that it is used for specific signal processing applications and DSP consists of Integrated devices like Multiplier etc which are not present in microprocessor.

Int: Okie. Tell me about your project which you have presented.

Me: I explained fully with diagram.

Int: What are the papers you presented?

Me: I explained about it.

Int: Do you know to program in C?

Me: Yes

Int: Tell me about pointers/

Me: I told him

Int: Write a program using pointers?

Me: I dint know how to write. I jus bluffed him. He said Okie.

Int: You are basically an athlete right? Why dint you participate in any competition after joining the college?

Me: I explained.

Int: You are a Chennai guy. If I offer you a job in coimbatore are you ready to shift there (All the students to whom this question was asked, were placed in CTS) ?

Me: I said okie. It doesn, t matter where I work, rather how I work.

Int: Do you have any question?

Me: I, ve heard that CSE & IT students don, t have to undergo training in CTS. Is it true?

Int: He said no.

Me: What are the most you like and dislike in your trainees?

Int: There are lots to tell man. We will talk about this later. Please tell the next person to come in:

(As I was the first person, my interview went for almost 30 mins)

(They don, t see whether your answers are correct or wrong, they only see the way you answer, the way you hold your pen, everything matters. Please wear a smile with you, when you enter the interview hall)

(I was 1000 % confident that Im gonna make through in CTS)

To be placed in CTS is very easy.

All the best. C u in CTS.

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