Placement Papers: CTS Paper 1998

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  1. In a triangle ABC AB = AC then all the following are correct exept one. Find that.
    1. AB < AC + BC
    2. AClt; AB + BC
    3. BClt; AB + AC
    4. AB + BCgt; AC + BC
  2. Ten years ago the father, s age is seven times the son, s age. Two years later father, s age is twice the son, s. Then the find the ages.
  3. The father, s age is 3 times the son, s. After 15 years its age becomes twice the son, s. Find the son, s age now.
  4. Two times which are started from stations A and B which are seperated by 110 km. One train leaves station A at 7 am. And travels 20 kmph. The other train leaves station B at 8 am. Will speed of 25 kmph. Then at what time will they meet if they are travelling in opposite direction.
    1. 7 am.
    2. 10 am.
    3. 12 noon.
    4. 11 am.
  5. x + 2y = 2,2x-y = 4 then
    1. x = 2
    2. x = 0 y = 0
    3. x-y = 2
      1. i only
      2. ii only
      3. none
      4. i only
  6. In a family E is the father of two sons and a daugher who is unmarried. Daugher in-law is an officer whose brother_in_law A is Engineer. C is doctor. The sister of B is Violenist who learnt Violin from B, s wife. Then
  7. What is the relationship between A&B (ans. Brothers) .
  8. Who is the wife of B (ans. Officer)
  9. What is the relation between E&B (ans. Father and son) .
  10. In a word COINCIDENCE the 1st letter is interchanged with 3ed letter and 2nd letter with 4th and so on. So what is the seventh letter from the right after interchanging. Ans is D.
  11. Minmise = (ans is 0.52)
  12. A and B can do a work in 6 days. B alone can do in 16 days. After 3 days B withdraws. Then how many days can be needed by A to do the work alone.
  13. Two men and Three boys can do a work in 6 days. 3 men and 5 boy can do that work in 4 days. Then 8 men and 8 boys can do in how many days.
  14. 123 means LITTLE BRIGHT BOY and 435 means GIRL IS BRIGHT and 267 means LITTLE THING LLOGAL. Then LITTLE is represented by________. Ans is 2.14 to 17 (R. S Agarwal suggested) On same relation like HELMET-HEAD then HIDE _ (BOUND ans.) ? 18to 22 Assertion and reason following (R. S Agarwal suggested) 23 to 25 Having the opposite meaning of relation given (ENGLISH) 25 TO 30 Statements 30 to 35________Figuring NON VERBAL 36 TO 38 … A simillarity between two figures is given. You have to find the same simillar figure from the choice. 39 to 41 … Correction of sentences.
  15. How many times a minute & hours hands will meet together in a day. Ans. 22 times.
  16. In a total of 36 vehicles after one car there is one scooter. After 2nd car there will be two scooters and after 3ed car there will be 3 scooters so on. Then find the number of scooters in the right half of arrangement. Ans. 13 check.
  17. All Hoopes are Dupes All fears are liars so
    1. All hoopes are fears
    2. All dupes are liars
  18. Find the statement which gives correct explanartion to the contradictory statements.
    1. doctor told that Drug adicts can not have their habit
    2. some surveys indicate that all the drug addicts left their drug habit.

    Which is correct?

    1. Doctor do not know about drug addicts.
    2. servays does not include every drug addict
    3. Drug addiction is a bad habit.
    4. will power make people leave their habbit.
  19. A shop keeper selling a product for 10 % discount to the market price. But by bourgaining he got 10 % profit of the costprice. Market price is 300 ₹ Find the cost price.
  20. Customer needs 30 % discount. But shopkeeper give 20 % and 10 % succesively. Then
    1. Whether customer got less profit than what he needed.
    2. will he got more.
    3. no loss
    4. none
  21. Cost price of two articles is 800. If he sells one article at th of cost price and another article at rd of cost price Then he will loss 12 ₹ Then SP of article is:
    1. 600,400
    2. 500,400
    3. 500,500
    4. none
  22. What is the longest four digit numbr which when divided by 12,17, 35 leavining same remainder 5
    1. 8825
    2. 8725
    3. 8025
    4. none
  23. If travels 300 meters in first two hours and next 200 mts in 3 hours and 150 meters in 2.5 hours. Find the avg speed.
    1. 56
    2. 58
    3. 50
    4. 60

Ans: 60

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