Placement Papers: CTS Paper 2000

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hi folks.

i got placed in Cognizant couple of weeks before.

we got only 2 rounds. Writtens and personal interview …

in writtens v got 3 sections. 1. Anlytical

  1. verbal
  2. logical
    1. Analytical is ok. v got 5 aptitude questios, and 1 puzzle and this sort of 30 questions.
    2. then they gave verbal part. Too tough for me … Pray ur god and tick the options. Dont waste the time in reading comprehension. Better take it last. In addition to tat v had, jumbled sentences, choose the correct sentence, choose the wrong sentence etc. Totally 25 questions.
    3. then logica reasoning. It is too easy.

prepare from “verbal and non-verbal reasoning of R. SAgarwal” Its useful …

in the total of 1043,300 got selected. Me too was the one.

Then next day, v had personal interview. i was interviewed at 1.45 p. m.

i was in panel 26. Unfortunately it is pure technical and rejection panel.

it was a 45 minute pure technical interview … My interviewer asked questions only from the word i last uttered.

First he asked me abt my paper … i explained him for nearly 4 minutes. Then he flatly said “i didnt listened to u. Come again.” i explained him again without any hesitation.

then he asked many technical questions.

then he came to DBMS. i am not pretty good at the querries of this subject. Then when i was asked abt the subject, i started saying wt all i studied in tat subject except the word querry. Then he questioned me in TRANSACTIONS as i told tat word. The interview can be taken in the way in which v want.

  1. plz dont do any face expressions if u dont know t answer.
  2. treat the interviewer as ur friend not the enemy.
  3. dont use the word “CTS” Tell as “COGNIZANT”
  4. listen the ppt carefully.
  5. browse abt the company before interview.
  6. dont b tensed or dont show the tension in ur face.
  7. be confident.
  8. in the case of stress interview, show u r kool and confident.
  9. greet the interviewer while entering and leaving.
  10. be gud at ur communication …

the IT interviews will be the cake-walk if u r confident and honest________



C U IN CTS________


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