Placement Papers: CTS Paper 2002

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Hi everyone.

This is Shaj (ECE III year) from Government College of Engineering, Bargur.

Totally the selection process consists of two rounds

  1. Written
  2. Interview (HR + Technical) Before appearing for Written test we have to fill up the below form format. Some Q, s are listed below:
    1. Name.
    2. Gender
    3. Current address: City: Pin code: Tel. Phno: Mobile no.
    4. Permanent address.
    5. E-mail
    6. Nationality
    7. Academic details (10th % , 12th or diploma %)
    8. Each Semester percentage and year of passing.
    9. Have u cleared all your arrears (backlogs) ?
    10. Do u have any standing arrears (presently do u have any backlogs) ?
    11. Software orientation:
    12. Extra curricular, Hobbies and Interests.
    13. Strengths and weakness.
    14. Expectations from cognizant.
    15. Your short term plan and long term plan with cts.
    16. What are the qualities a software professional need to excel in his field?

    (Please prepare for these questions, the answers which you have written for these questions may be asked in the interview, and this will reflect your attitude and your verbal knowledge)

    Written test contains three sections

    ANALYTICAL section (25 Q, s − 30 mins)

    (This section is very easy, but mind the time)

    (1 − 5) Venn diagram

    (6 − 10) Quantitative questions

    (11 − 15) Data sufficiency

    (16 − 20) Binary conversion (Easiest, you can attend these first)

    (21 − 25) Cubes (Easy ones, R. S. Aggarwal is not enough)

    VERBAL section (25 Q, s − 20 mins)

    (Other than comprehension, this section is quite easy)

    (1 − 10) Comprehension (Please don, t attend these first, these are long passages and difficult to attend) (Best option will be B or C)

    (11 − 15) Find the incorrect sentences

    (16 − 20) Find the correct sentences

    (21 − 25) Arrange the jumbled sentences

    REASONING section (20 Q, s − 20 mins)

    (Easiest section in the whole paper and you will find yourself enjoying in this section)

    (1 − 4) Syllogism

    (5 − 6) Logical deduction

    (7 − 15) Find the odd figure out

    (16 − 17) Seating arrangement

    (18 − 20) Logical puzzles

    (R. S. Aggarwal Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning is more than enough)

(Much preparation is not needed for CTS)

(Keep of the R. S. Aggarwal Quantitative aptitude, This doesn, t work for CTS)

I dint even touch Apps.

I secured () . I saw this when I was attending interview.

And I hope I, m the first.

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