Placement Papers: CTS Paper 2004

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  1. x2 + y2 + 12 = even number then? x is even and y is odd
  2. x cm, 6 cm, 8 cm (radius of three solid balls) melted those balls and we get the radius of 9 cm. Then x = ?
  3. A, B, C, D are the mid points of the sides of the rectangle and AB = BC = CD = DA = 5 cm And if one side of the rectangle is 6 cm then the area of the quadrilateral is?
  4. A is the father of C, D H is the mother of E, F?
  5. CAR = 70 KMPH DOG = 35 KMPH Total distance = 70 KM Time taken = ?
  6. In 9 minutes 1 worker can fill one box. Also 8 boxes makes one trunk. If 18 men work together then how many boxes can be filled in 1 hours?
  7. 3 samples of milk, water are in the proportions 2: 3: 2,5; 3 If we mix these quantities in equal amount, what will be the ratio of milk and water?
  8. Few pigs were bought for ₹ 960. He sold one pig for ₹ 135. His gain is the prize of 1 pig. Find the total number of pigs.
  9. gain %= ? c. p = th (s. p)
  10. 1 can can be filled by 2 pipes. If the larger pipe can fill it in 4 minutes earlier than the other one. How much time it will take to fill the can by the smaller pipe.
  11. Income to expenditure is 4: 5 per annum Profit is 5 lakhs. What is the expenditure?
  12. A and B are 27 miles apart and they started to walk towards each otherat at the same time. If both A and B walks in the same direction for 3 hours and after that they walk towards each other. What is the speed of B?

Eight people. Six of them have ₹ . 60/-and seventh person has ₹ 10 more than that of average of all and eighth person has ₹ . 55/-. Find the total sum.

A women has children, grand children and great grandchildren. Grand children has no children find no of children for women (something like that) .

Complete the sentences.

A passage given and find the correct anser.

10 boxes. Each box has 10 balls each of 100gms, one box has balls of 90 gms, find the minimum number of weights to find the odd one. If balls = 10 find the no. if balls = 1 find the no and so on:

A is taller than b, b taller than c, c not taller than d. Find the arrangement (something like that) .

Train problems.

Problems on time and work. i.e.. If men, women and children work for 12 days. If women work for of the day, children for the day. How many men r required.

9,5 and one more digit. If reversed and subtracted from the original u get the same digit in some order. Find the no.

. _. They represent characters. Some options given like

I, sat, dad, do. Find the option that represent the symbol.

And some questions regarding this symbol.

A and B do for 75 min, Band C for 55mis and A and C for 10 mins. Find the individual work of A and C.

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