Placement Papers: CTS Paper 2009

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hi friends i am currently place in CTS i got through 2 rounds

I st round is Aptitude Test

II nd round is Technical Interview and HR

Aptitude consists of foloowing section

  1. Analytical
  2. English
  3. Logical Resoaning

Analytical section consist of 5 Venn diagram questions

converting a number to binary as $ rep. As 1 and ⚹ represented as 0

problems on data sufficency

problem on painting faces of cube

English section is too hard

it consist of identifying correct and incorrect sentences

2 passage

etc. Other i did not remember

Logical Resoning Consist of

  1. syllogism problems
  2. Identifying odd figure etc

Now comes most important part Technical and HR

my Interview took abt 45 min

Interviewr asked me about median, modes used in staticstics

then difference between permutations and combinations

definition of probabillity and what is sample space

then he asked me about oop concepts

what is inheritance?

what is composition/contentment?

why inheritance and not composition?

what is oveloading and overriding?

be confident and correct about ur answers.

then he asked me about the DBMS concepts

what is use of Normalization?

what are joints in DBMS?

what is datamining and datawarehouse?

then came HR questions

Ur selling points and weakness?

why cognizant?

what are the points that i am going to reject u?

what are the points that i am going to select u?

are u able to relocate?

after this much of grilling i finally got job in cognizant

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