Placement Papers: CTS Paper 2011

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QUESTION PAPER contained 3 sections

VERBAL________25question … 20min

QUANTS N REASONING________25 questions … 30min

general ability________20questions … 20min

verbal part a bit tough bcoz time management plays a vital role bcoz questions r easily solvable but takes time so maintaing the pace really matters

the questions were based on

  • correction of sentences
  • finding error sentence
  • arrangin 4 sentences in a logical order
  • Reading comprehensions

plz attemt Reading comprehensions atlast that would fetch u more time to complete othe parts in verbal section.

QUANTS n Reasoning

the section starts with venn diagram problem based on which 4 different questions were asked

second question was about seating arrangement7 people sanjay, samrat, sujoy, suneet, … Total seven names were given some coditions were specifies just if u first arrange the persons then u can fly through the questions following it.

next logical premises were given based onwhich questions like all dogs r cats some cats are micewts the conclusion

all the quant n verbal parts just practice CAT material n ₹ agarwal nonveral reasoning. This really helped in solving questions in no time.


the last part was so easy u can clear it in no time only just identifying odd figures from given set of four choices.


the interview was on 3 sept 2006 my slot was at 1.00pm

the interview is based on the details in the sheet that is filled BEFORE exam which contains details like

  1. ACADEMIC profile (X, inter, BTECH semwise marks, eamcet rank n marks etc) .
  2. software orientation (mention the subs of ur choice n be prepared to face questions on that) .
  3. wt do u expect from CTS.
  4. activities n extracurricular profile (write ur achievements be precise don try to fill all the details of ur achievements be selective n striking) .
  5. short term n long term goals.
  6. HOBBIES (reserve few bcoz u can use them in the HR PART)


well i can say i had a stress interview, it was more of technical than HR, my HR was mr. ANUJ the person was too cool n friendly but he has posed me questions of a higher difficulty level he started with my intro (tell me abt ur self) then basic operating system definition, databases (normal forms) , then a tour of java starting with process n threads then again bac to mutual exclusion, semaphores. Post which i really had atough time bcoz he asked me concepts of OOPS well i ezplained them then he gave me his cell phone and asked me to implement all OOPS concepts using the features in cell, i explained he was really impressed by the last part________finally he said it was nice talking to uuu.

so only mantra to get throgh INTERVIEW is being confident and just steal the whole show, n expose ur talent.

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