Placement Papers: CTS Paper on 17th July

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There are 3 sections

I Section: 25 questions 30 min

Aptitude skills. There are some statements and based on these u have to answer 5 − 6 questions. There are 15 questions in total of this type. Rest of questions are individual ones. Some are easy and some are tricky.

II Section: 25 questions 20 min

2 english passages each followed by 6 − 7 questions.

Chose correct sentence/incorrect sentence out of following type ques.

Time is a problem in doing these questions.

don՚t try to see all questions.

III Section: 20 ques. 20 min

Analytical ability

some boys are girls.

Some girls are birds like questions.

find these type of ques in R. S. Agarwal (verbal)

quest on non verbal type

Choose odd one out from following fig. Type questions

What should be next fig. In the sequence.

Find these quest in R. S. Agarwal (non verbal)

don՚t try to go through every question. Cut off will not be very high.

Interview: Respected interviewer was very calm and gives a lot of time to you to express what՚s good in u.

What r ur strengths, ur achievements, projects etc.

Breamin calm, composed.

And be honest about urself.

don՚t say anything about which u have little knowledge

We had CTS Campus Placement on 14th July 2007. Just thought will give an idea for juniors, especially to buddies from Biotechnology Department who wants to shift to IT field.

It has totally 2 rounds: Written Test and Interview (Both Technical and HR)

Before the written test you will be provided with a form by CTS ppl. It contains your.

Personal details.

College details.

Semester wise percentages.

Extra-curricular activities and hobbies.

Computer languages known.

Short term and long term plans with CTS?

What can CTS expect from you?

And What do you expect from CTS?

Fill the form carefully this is an important one. CTS stresses on arrears and Semester percentages. don՚t worry will not be in al cases.

Written Test

Coming to the test There were 3 sections

  1. Analytical Ability (25 Q, 30 Minutes)
  2. Verbal Ability (20 Q, 20 Min)
  3. Attention Details (20 Q, 20 Min) Note: No negative marking. This is a benefit for you.


After you getting selected in written test they will give you panel number for interview. I was given 8th panel they were totally around 13 panels. I was interviewed by lady. i have entered the room, wished her. She asked me to take my seat I gave her my file containing my certificates. She gave a quick glance. And strtd asking questions. The lady has idea about biotechnology. So I felt more comfortable in answering to all her questions.


  1. I was asked to list out the subjects I had. She made a note of it. I gave the ones which I am confident with, in the first place. But she asked me in random
  2. She asked what is Downstream Processing? Why DSP? Techniques used in DSP? … Answered
  3. What is Ion exchange chromatography? Answered
  4. What is central dogma of Mol Bio? Enzymes involved in the processes? Answered
  5. Replication? Enzymes involved? Answered
  6. tRNA structure? Function? ________took paper from her and put the structure.
  7. Questions on cloning? Answered
  8. Questions related in Bioinformatics? Answered

HR Round

  1. Why changing the field?
  2. Why not Phd?
  3. Why CTS?
  4. How many interviews I have attended so far?
  5. Why didn՚t I get selected? ________answered all of them confidently.

Results were announced at 9 o clock in the night. They have selected 77 members and I am fortunate to be one among them. Finally, selected ones were called for a meeting by CTS. They congratulated us and cut the cake. They gave the offer letter on the same day. The day went very beautifully.

Just be cool, confident. Practice sample papers. Go through R. S. Agarwal and with God՚s grace and luck u will be into CTS company Wish all your dreams come true.

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