Placement Papers: CTS Paper on 21st Jun

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hi these were d interview ques which i was asked by CTS …


explain ur project

Do u kno Database

what is normalisation

what r d types n explain each

give examples for each type.

what is a priamary key

what is a foriegn key

what is a composite key

what is d difference between unique key n priamry key

what r constraints

write a query to include a constraint while creating a table to check whether the employee salary is greater than 5000

what is ASP. NET

what is Global. Ascx

how hav u used user control

what r d various functions in Global. Ascx

what is the use of session fuction

what is the difference between VBscript and Javascript

what is the difference between ASP. NET and Javascript

what do u feel about Debugging

write a program in c to find the greatest of three numbers.


Tell me abt urself

what r ur interests

what is happening in chennai

what is happening in India

what is currently happening in IT field

why do u say smart work is better than hard work

where do u want to work (place)

how do u say that u would get accomodated to any place

which technology do u want to work

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