Placement Papers: CTS Paper on 4th July

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HI everyone the yuvajobs helped me to get through the CTS placement, so i thank everyone who uploaded there paper before me. So this is my experience.

After ppt it is followed by an aptitude test, this test consists of three sections

  1. Analytical section: This section consists of a, venn diagram 1 − 5qn, this is very easy once you draw the venn diagram you can solve the qns. b, coding 1 represented as $ and 0 as ⚹ 6 − 10qn. Dont read the question just convert the number to binary. c, data sufficiency 11 − 15qn, very easy but concentrate well before answering. d, cubes problem 16 − 20qn, i advise you take the section at last, R. S. Agarwal is not enough. e, general 21 − 25, but this will be very easy questions.
  2. Verbal section: This section is not that easy, time management is very important, try to answer as many correct answers as you can dont try to complete to the question paper, the cut-off will be very low for this section. a, Reading comprehension, b, Correct/incorrect sentence, c, Jumbled passage. This section does not contain questions in order, so be careful.
  3. Attention section:

This is also a very easy section.

a, Syllogism 1 − 5qn.

b, Analogy figures 6 − 10qn.

c, Odd figure out 11 − 15qn.

d, Puzzle 16 − 20qn, arrangement based puzzle.


There are 570 who wrote the test from which 370 had been selected for interview. I from EEE.


Interview was very easy he just checks about your confidence and not about your answer, mine was completely technical and few hr questions. Eye contact is very important.

Then the result was announced 220 got selected from 370. They distributed the offer letter immediately and a cake which they bought with them.

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