Placement Papers: CTS Paper on 8th July

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Hi frenz, Lets me first thank those who have contributed papers of CTS in yuvajobs. Believe me they are really helpful.

Now lets start frm d begainin. CTS came to our college a day before to arrange a workshop of hw to face a campus. It was really enthusiastic. They tell frm d very Basic of hw 2 face d written, how 2 handle G. D then finally abt intervw. On d final showdown that՚s on 8th the same people came but as a cognizant associates the ppt had really pumped ur energy. They started with Q &a relating to cognizant n 4 a correct ans they give prizes (cap n bag with name cognizant) . Then at 11: 30a. m the written exam started. Merit Trac company conducts test of cognizant. Mind it they r very strict in discipline.

  • There were 3 sections in test
  • ANALYTICAL ABILITY (25 Q, 30 min)
  • VERBAL ABILITY (25 Q, 20 min)
  • ATTENTION DETAILS (20 Q, 20 min)

B4 d question paper they ask 2 fill data sheet which consists of following detailsUr details, ur sem wise % , software orientation, strengths n weakness, wat u expect frm cognizant, ur short term and long term goals. Prepare dis ans bcoz mostly they ask frm dis only.

ANALYTICAL ABILITY-b well prepared 4 dis section bcoz it was really tough. Prepare it frm any CAT material or ₹ AGARAWAL. Dat shall b enough now pattern:

cube cutting prob (5Q) , arrangement prob (5Q) , decimal 2 binay conversion (5Q) , data sufficiency (4) , 2 aptitude ques (other type a don՚t remember but there were no venn diagam Ques)

VERBAL ABILITY-it consists of 2 passages (5 Q frm each part) , 5 jumbled sentences, 5 q on find d correct sentence, 5 q on incorrect sentences.

ATTENTION DETAILS-dis is d easiest part

5 Q on syllogism, 5 on odd figure out, 2 Q on completion of series, 3 Q on passage, 2Q on drawing conclusion

There were 325 students appeared, 77 had direct intervw (they had put d criteria of direct intervw 4 top 8 students of each branch, but in sum branch they had 4 for direct intervw) out of the rest 84 cleared d written test making total persons facing intervw to 161 including me.

My intervw was at 4: 00 p. m. The intervw was very nice

I: May I come in sir

HR: Come in

I: Gud evening sir

HR: Gud evening, plz hv ur seat

I: Thank u sir

HR: Tell me abt uself

I: Blah-blah

HR: As a mech engg. Y do u want to join an IT company

I: Blah-blah

HR: Wat is gear-ratio

I told

HR: Wat is differential

I told

Wat is Fe-C diagram

I told sorry sir I can՚t recall now

Write a prog on C to find area of a circle

There were other technical questions too.

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