Placement Papers: Chatargee Interview Procedure

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The information on the interview is pretty sketchy but it may consist of both technical grilling and HR interview.

The written test consists of Section A & Section B. Section A consist of Aptitude. It is very very

easy. You can do the aptitude in 10 minutes. The total time is one hour. There is-ve marking. In Section B there are 3 parts. Part 1 is C, part 2 is C + +, Part 3 is general. You should give much much preference to C + +. C + + is very very important. C language questions are very easy. You give much time for solving C + + programs.

In the interview also they are asking C + + only. You should be thourough in C + + in friend function, Inheretence, constroctors. In Section B each part consits of 10 questions. There are 30 aptitude questions.