Placement Papers: CITI Corporation 2007

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Examrace Placement Series prepares you for the toughest placement exams to top companies.

The test is followed by a Technical and a HR interview. The Some puzzles may also be asked in the interview

The Written Test consists of three sections.

The first section is an aptitude section.

The second section is a 10 data interpretation questions section

. For this section you follow the GRE book.

In these questions some graphs will be there and the related questions will be asked.

. So you prepare from gre book.

The third section is a Number series with 20 Questions to be done in 7 minutes.

The Forth section is a Figure series with 20 Questions to be done in 14 minutes.

The last section is a Essay. In the last section there was passage.

You should conclude that one in the specified 10 min.

It would be better to prepare a computer related topics like client server, internet etc.