Placement Papers: Computer Associates Paper

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I am Reema. I am sending the pattern of CA…

Pattern: The Written test will be conducted by “MeritTrac” (they also conduct the Entrance test of VERIZON).

There will be 2 sections mainly: Aptitude (40 Min):

  • Verbal.

  • Quantitive (Have a look at question on CUBEs).

  • Mental Ability. Technical (30 Min)

  • C/C + +/Java one paper depending on our choice

In any paper emphasis will be on Programs…

In C concentrate on Pointers, memory functions like memset, memcpy, etc…

MOST IMPORTANT: There will 100 %-ve marks.

Interview Preparation

This the Pattern followed to us, but this may vary.

There are 3 Rounds…

  1. Technical (General) oo Concepts & types of testing, deadlock, etc…

  2. Those who cleared the 1st round are given around 40 pages of “Design patterns” introduction and gave a Single Design pattern to each and gave 2 hours time to summarize the concept and asked to give a presentation on the pattern given to each.

  3. If we r able perform satisfactorily in 2nd round, there will be HR. HR is just nominal but be careful u may be asked questions about CA…

All the best____