Placement Papers: Convergys Paper Pattern

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i have attened the convergys on 06 aug at hyd.

The process includes

  1. Written test It includes 5 sections

    1. General English--20 Q____22 min----20 marks

    2. Aptitude & logical reasoning____45Q-----48min-----45marks

    3. UNIX____10Q----10min---10marks

    4. RDMS____10Q----10min----10marks

    5. CPP____15Q----15min---15marks.

  2. HR & tech

Writen test was not so much easy. They have asked more Questions on venn diagrams, cube paintng, * $problems, inequality expressions

UNIX is also different.

RDMS is also like UNIX.

where as CPP they asked more questions on programs related to pointer in class. This is also not that much easy. Because they want filter the people. There were around 600 people out that only 52 are short listed.

so my advise is that, do alot of hard work, so u get throug it.