Placement Papers: DBSS Placement Paper Pattern

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  1. 6 persons A, B, C, D, E, F are playing a game of cards. A's father and mother, uncle were in the gang. There were two women. B is the mother of A gets more points then her husband. D got more points then E but less then F. Niece of E got the lowest points. Father of A agot More points then F. But would not win the game. Who won the game? who got lowest points? who is the husband of B? B was one of the lady. Who was other lady? Who stood second in the game?

  2. A is the widow of B. B & C were the only children of E. C is unmarried and is a doctor. D is the grand daughter of E and studies science. How is A related to D.

    1. Aunt

    2. daughter

    3. sister

    4. sister_in_law ans: b

Inference Questions

Question 9 − 15 follow this answers.

only inference I follows.

only inference II follows.

Both I & II follow.

neither I nor II follows.

Solve these

  1. no hawk is a sparrow. All hawks are hens. Inferences:

    1. no hen is a sparrow.

    2. no sparrow is a hen.

    ans: c

  2. all graduates are chairs. All chairs are tables. Inferences:

    1. all graduates are tables.

    2. all tables are graduates.

    ans: a

  3. some birds are elephnts. Some elephants are white. Inferences:

    1. some birds are white

    2. some white are birds

    ans: d

  4. all fans are vans. None van is pan.

    1. No pan is fan.

    2. no fan is pan.

    ans: d

  5. all boats are coats. No coat is shirt.

    1. all boats are shirts

    2. all shitrs are boats. Ans: a

  6. no pen is hen. Some hens are healthy.

    1. no pen is healthy.

    2. no healthy thing is pen.

    ans: d

  7. all hopes are doops. All fears are hairs.

    1. all hopes are fears.

    2. all doops are hairs.

ans: d